Forward Book of Poetry 2019
Contemporary poets who are at the top of their game and whose words will travel far and reach many readers.
City Works Dept.
A full-length poetry collection published by CB editions. Signed copy available for purchase (£8.99).
Just Help Yourself
Published by Smiths Knoll, 2016. Signed copy available for purchase (£5.00).
Issue Number: 51
Literary journal. Includes the long poem 'Minding the Halo' and an interview with Philip Hancock.
Issue Number: 37
Literary journal. Includes the film-poem 'Jelly Baby' and interview with Philip Hancock.
Oxford Poets 2010: An Anthology
The first OxfordPoets anthology established as an editorial principal ‘no programme beyond a desire to represent the best’.
Hearing Ourselves Think
Published by Smiths Knoll, 2009. Guardian Book of the Year (currently out print).
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