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Philip Hancock’s pamphlet of poems Just Help Yourself (Smiths Knoll, £5): charming, authentic, trim reports from the world of work — City and Guilds, pilfering, how to carry a ladder, sex in a van (‘From the dust-sheet, wood slivers/ and flecks of paint stick to her arse’). One poem is called ‘Knowing One’s Place’; these poems know the workplace.
- Craig Raine. Spectator, 12 th November 2016

Philip Hancock's Just Help Yourself is an equally fast-moving, alert account of trades - and rogues. I particularly relished the confident advice on carrying a ladder: 'one arm around it, the other swinging./ Beware of washing'. These are poems of concise and knowing humour.
- Alison Brackenbury, PN Review

Signed copies available for £5.00 including P&P.

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